Sunday, March 7, 2010

Personal Testimony

Well, I have received two emails from friends who are happy that I have begun a new work, blogging. My good friend and Brother in Christ known as Tom, has asked me to share a little of my testimony to start things off.

Most all my friends know that I was born and raised in Carteret County, Morehead City to be exact. In 1964, I was introduced to the Gospel of Christ by a visiting preacher. That summer in July, my parents and I were visiting a little country church in the small southern town of Newport, NC. I was saved that night as a result of the truth of God’s Word. The truth was, I learned for the very first time that I was sinner and on my way to a devil’s hell. I was just 10 years old. I was thinking, now I am just ten and what could I have done that would be so bad to qualify me to go to hell? When the preacher read the Scripture, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, something happened to my hearing and my heart at the same time. I felt I was having a heart attack. I had never felt like this before and later on found out that it was the working of God’s Holy Spirit dealing with me sitting in that church pew. Before the night was over in that revival meeting, I thought I was going to burst if I didn’t get to the altar and talk to God. It was God wanting to talk to me, I found out. He sought me out and revealed to me the wretched condition my heart was in and I wasn’t even aware of it. I gladly received the LORD into my life and my life has been an adventure all these years. It was the best move I had or ever will have made in all my life. I never knew why or how much God really loved me until I surrendered my all to him as a little boy. He is the LORD of my life and I am so happy to be His child and a member of the family of Jehovah God.

How did you come to know the LORD? I would love to read about it. Please share it with me so we can be a blessing to all that come to this site.

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