Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lord's Will

We recently had a question sent to us regarding the Lord's will for a person's life. Therefore, our next video in the online Bible study deals with just that...the Lord's will. The actual title is 'Getting in Position' and we hope it will answer a few questions about the Lord's will for your personal life. 

We each strive for God's perfect will to be accomplished in our lives but in actuality, I think many of us operate in God's permissive will. After listening to the message, we hope you will surrender your life to God's perfect will for you and enjoy the unspeakable joy that will flood your soul. As I like to say to my wife, there is nothing better or sweeter than being in the dead center of God's will! 

It is our desire that these messages are a blessing to each of our listeners as well as a help and encouragement. Moreover, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or topics you'd like discussed and find answers from God's word, why not drop us a line. My direct email is We’d love to hear from you today.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something New

Many of us have questions for which we search Biblical answers and what better place to turn than to God's Holy Word. We are always trying to think of new ways to share the gospel with others and offer avenues of discipleship to our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Therefore, today we're venturing into the world of video and are thrilled to post the first of what we hope will be many videos to help you in your everyday walk with the Lord.

We trust that you will bear with us as we work out the bugs and perfect the media. As you will see, "Liar in the Midst" was a difficult project; the devil fought us every step of the way but as always, the Lord remained victorious. Regardless of a few unavoidable pauses, the message is clear and one that we hope you will find a blessing and encouragement.