Sunday, March 7, 2010

Starting Challenging Things

I received an email from my friend and Sister in the LORD, Debbie, suggesting that I begin blogging with the subject of starting new things and the challenges it presents. Such as, this new blog I started today.

I have been wrestling with this idea for quite some time now and had tried to keep up with the flow of things on Face Book. That didn’t work for me and I got discouraged from posting on it. But today was different. I found myself tugged on by the LORD to start this blogging on my terms and not someone else’s.
When I want to or have the heart felt need to start something new, I have to remember that it pays to start off small and grow with it, no matter what the ‘it’ may be. I am reminded that I was not born hardwired for anything but will have the daily challenge of learning and adapting to change. WOW, we don’t like change do we?

I remember that time in my new Christian life that I didn’t know very much about the LORD, the church, or anything about my responsibilities of being a child of God. I was just a babe in Christ and soon learned I needed help with this new challenge. I was instructed by the guidance and love of other Christian’s to read my Bible as often as I could, pray to the LORD, and be sure to attend church somewhere close by. I soon realized that was very good advice and it sure worked for me. God loves us all and His desire is to see His children grow up naturally and healthy under His all knowing and all seeing watchful eye. We might not ever be masters at what we do, but we sure have a better understanding of the subject as we grow older day after day.

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