Monday, February 18, 2013

A New Work...St. John's Apocalypse

Introduction to St. John's Apocalypse

Many LORD Yeshua’s days have passed since I started reading and studying the Word of God, the Holy Bible. On many occasion in the past, I have found myself setting in front of teachers and preachers of many denominations and have listened to them explaining passages of Scripture. For so long I was content to take them at their word until the LORD Yeshua beckoned to my heart to read the Scripture for myself and discover what He has in store for me and others who might follow.   This is the reason for this new work, to discover for myself just what God’s Holy Spirit wants me to learn, know, and understand for myself and that I might pass along some blessing that God intended for us, His children. As a man of God and an evangelist, I feel it is my duty to my brothers and sisters in the LORD Yeshua to listen and discern through the filter of the Holy Spirit the men and women who claim they have knowledge of God’s Word. Some have proven to be close while others are so far off base it conjures confusion and doubt. The LORD Yeshua never intended for His Word to be confusing or mistrusted by His Children. I think back to the times I have spent with my children sharing numerous dialogues about many subjects, and not one of them was deliberately intended to be misunderstood; so it is with our God Jehovah.

The Revelation of John has always been a real mystery to most of us. There are parts of it that are not to be fully revealed until the actual time of fulfillment arrives and for good reason. Some things may be clouded or many things that are misunderstood in Revelation have to be noted in our minds and accepted by faith in our hearts before our God. I have found it depends on one’s spiritual standing and spiritual aptitude. As you will see for yourself, some passages of Scripture are fully revealed just for the moments we have alone with God’s Word.

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